Nazmin Nursery

Cactus Astrophytum plant

Price : INR 150.00

the common names for plants are often the most descriptive and a fun way to learn about the plant. Star cactus plants (astrophytum asteria) are also known as sea urchin cactus, sand dollar cactus or star peyote — which refers to the flower. They are also very similar in nature to peyote cactus plants. The round body may grow 2 to 6 inches across with gently ridged sides. It is green to grayish brown and covered in tiny white dots that radiate down the ridges. The body has eight sections which are decorated with fine white hairs. The lucky gardener that provides excellent astrophytum cactus care will be rewarded in march to may with 3-inch yellow flowers that boast orange centers. These turn into drupes or berries in late spring, which may be gray, pink or reddish and covered in wooly hair.

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