Nazmin Nursery

English Yew Bonsai Tree

Price : INR 1,500.00

Taxus bacata or English Yew is native to Europe, Iran and north Africa. It is a hardy outdoorevergreen tree that has become a popular bonsai.

They are fairly unfussy and will grow in sun or some shade. Yew has lovely dark green foliage, and new shoots grow easily from old wood and the material is easy to train into bonsai. If the yew is outside during colder weather it is not unusual for the leaves to turn a golden colour we call it winter blush. This does not harm the tree and the leaves will turn green again in the spring.

Water regularly throughout the growing season, giving more water in summer. Although the soil should never be allowed to dry out completely in winter, do not allow it to become too wet as the combination of waterlogged soil and frost can damage yew roots.

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