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Sal Tree

Price : INR 8.00

Sal Tree, Shorea robusta, is an evergreen tree growing up to 50 m in height with a cylindrical bole that can be unbranched for up to 25 m and up to 200 cm in diameter. It is native to the Indian Subcontinent and can be found in East Asia where it serves many purposes. Younger tree has an elongated crown but as the tree grows older, the crown becomes more rounded. It is moderate to slow growing, evergreen in wetter areas and dry-season deciduous in drier areas. The bark is rough and reddish brown. The leaves are oval, leathery, and taper to the tip with rounded or heartshaped base. The flowers are yellow and small, occurring in large numbers in the axils of the leaves or at the ends of branches. The fruits are oval, pale yellowish or green, hairy, comprising an oval seed. The seeds are roasted, boiled, or grounded into flour. It is also a source of sal butter, an oil used in cooking and as substitute for cocoa butter. The fruits are occasionally consumed as food. The tree is a source of lad dhuna, a whitish, aromatic, transparent resin used to caulk boats and as incense. The resin is also valued medicinally as treatment for dysentery, gonorrhea, boils, and tooth pain. The leaves are used as a poultice for swollen body parts. It is also used for making plates, cups, and as wraps. Seed oil is used for illumination and as treatment for various skin conditions.

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